John Vargos' Bio

A little about me

I began my art career by drawing realistic imagery by replicating still-life images. Eventually getting into portraiture, I drew mainly as a hobby and for family and friends. 

I took on my first tattoo apprenticeship in 2015.  I apprenticed at two studios. I began my professional tattoo career in 2017 at Neff Tattoo Studio in Lancaster, Ohio. I am now an independent artist and work out of Greystone Tattoo Company in Gahanna, Ohio.

My focus of style in tattooing is black and grey realism, portraiture, and dark art imagery. I love to paint or draw wildlife portraits, creatures, skulls, mythology, and portraits of people. Large-scale tattoos are my preferred projects to take on.

My favorite thing about tattooing is permanently decorating the human body by giving my clients art that compliments their figure and the way they present themselves as an individual.

While I’m not in the studio tattooing, I focus my creativity on Piano and getting in touch with nature by hiking.