I look for projects that allow freedom of design and that are open on body placement rather than having strict guidelines. I prefer larger projects that require little or no coverup work at all.

Tattoo concepts that interest me include realistic black and grey imagery mainly wildlife, portraiture as well as concepts that involve dark imagery including skulls, spirits, creatures, monsters, etc. I look for clients that are willing to put forth the time and financial investment that is necessary to receive the best possible tattoo.

Tattoo Design

I present your design on the day of your appointment. Any minor changes to the design may be done but any major changes may result in rescheduling your appointment and additional expense will occur.

Some designs may result in additional time as it may be necessary for me to draw directly on the body with markers on the day of your appointment.

Large Tattoo Projects (arm/leg sleeves, full back, full torso etc.)

Realistic imagery will age best and have the best detail when the focal point is large with little background. I visualize and design my sleeves as two panels (Inner & Outer arm). I lay out the outer arm design first, so it overlaps the inner arm designs correctly. This method allows a piece to be distinct from a distance, noticeable to the public eye, and tends to be most desirable for people who want to have their tattoos noticed. 

Half Arm Sleeve (1-4 concepts max)

Full Arm Sleeve (1-5 concepts max)

Full Leg Sleeve (1-8 concepts max)

Back & torso (highly recommend 1 image) (3 concepts max)

Ribs (1-2 concepts max)

The fewer concepts implemented, the more impactful a design will be. The more concepts there are, the more it takes the eyes to identify what’s going on in the image, thus making it less impactful. 

 How long does a large project take, and what is the cost?

 I don’t give exact estimates on extensive projects. However, when it comes to completing a large project, I recommend that clients save up a lot before booking an appointment for one. 

 Large projects take time and never get completed in one session. Each concept should have a minimum of two sessions for completion. The time and amount of sessions vary, especially if one concept covers most of a limb or torso.

 I view my projects as a layering process. The first layer is the foundation of an image. The second layer focuses on creating and defining the details and darkening areas to create more contrast. 

 Booking a large project

 I recommend booking 5-6 full-day sessions for a large project. Each session being around a month apart so it heals correctly between appointments. I also do back to back days, two appointments at a time focusing on one concept. Booking 5-6 appointments does not guarantee a finished project considering a leg takes longer than an arm. From experience, 5-6 full-day sessions have allowed me to complete most arm sleeves or close to finishing an arm. 

Pricing and deposit

Larger tattoo projects that I take on require multiple sessions. I try to help clients prepare and know what to expect for payments during our appointments. I  break my appointments in half or full day sessions. Half day (3-4 hrs) Full day (6 hours). A FULL DAY DOES NOT GUARANTEE A FINISHED TATTOO DESIGN. I accept all forms of payment but checks. There is a 7.5% sales tax rate for the city of Gahanna added to all credit card transactions.  Deposits will vary according to the length of your appointment booked. Deposits secure your appointment time and will be applied toward your tattoo cost.  ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Shop minimum: $175

Hourly: $175


Not all projects will require an in-person consultation. If a consult is needed I will let you know and we can set up a date and time to meet at Greystone Tattoo Company or by video chat for people who are traveling . For non-consult appointments, I will send an invoice to your email for the deposit needed. I require a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to secure your appointment date and time.

Rescheduling or Canceling Your Appointment

A 72- hr. notice is needed to reschedule your tattoo appointment. Anything less than a 72-hr. notice will result in a forfeit of your deposit. I only accept one reschedule once an appointment is booked. Any rescheduling after a rescheduled appointment is made will result in a forfeit of your deposit.

Appointment Day

Please arrive on time for your appointment. Once the design is approved and applied/drawn on the skin I will begin the tattoo process.  I take 5 min stretch breaks at hour intervals and a 20-30 min lunch break generally half way through an appointment for a full day session.

If your project was not chosen

If I do not accept your request it is due to it being out of my artistic interest or it would be to your benefit to seek an artist that specializes in what style of art you are after.  I would be happy to make a referral and answer any further questions you may have even if I don’t choose your project request. I ask that you please check out other artist styles here at Greystone at www.greystonetattoocompany.com