What I recommend you do prior to your Appointment.


  1. MAKE SURE TO GET PLENTY OF SLEEP THE NIGHT BEFORE. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep will significantly help you relax during a long appointment.
  2. EAT A FULL MEAL BEFORE COMING IN. Not eating at all can cause faintness especially for people who deal with anxiety in new environments. Also not eating much before or in the middle of a tattoo can make the body feel more hot or cold during a long session. I generally pack a lunch and take a quick lunch break in the middle of a full day session. I highly recommend packing lunch as well.
  3. I TRY NOT TO TAKE LONG BREAKS IF POSSIBLE. Adrenaline releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that act as your body’s natural painkillers. Long breaks during a session will lose the release of these endorphins. I take quick stretch breaks every hour or so.
  4. DO NOT BRING A GROUP OF FRIENDS TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. I limit 1-2 guests max. Keep in mind long sessions are very boring for people to wait around for. Make sure they’re aware and won’t be a nuisance if they can’t manage boredom well and plan on staying for the whole time. DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.
  5. BRING A DISTRACTION. Whether it’s headphones for music, a book, or a movie on a phone/tablet. Distractions help tremendously during a long session.
  6. I RECOMMEND NOT WORKING OUT A COUPLE DAYS BEFORE COMING IN. Being very sore from the gym can make a tattoo way more painful than needed (Especially if you target specific muscle groups with weightlifting) Also working out the day of your appointment could cause swelling to the area I’m tattooing which makes it harder for me to work on a tattoo. Just be smart and don’t target muscle groups I will be tattooing on.
  7. TRY TO CUT BACK ON CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL. Caffeine and alcohol are blood thinners. It makes your skin more swollen and red during a tattoo especially on sensitive areas of skin on the body. For people who drink alcohol often this can cause visibility issues and can compromise the quality of a design. Also drinking alcohol the night before lowers your immune system and can affect how you sit for your appointment. I’m not telling you how to live your life but please be aware and be smart.
  8. DRINK LOTS OF WATER AND STAY HYDRATED. Being hydrated helps a lot with how your skin looks. Being dehydrated constantly can cause dry skin which doesn’t help a tattoo. If you deal with dry skin constantly I recommend using lotion on the area prior to the appointment especially in colder months.